World of Warcraft is a game that keeps a person hooked. People who have played the game once keep coming back to play more. This role playing game has hooked millions of people worldwide. Not just teens, even adults play this game with gay abandon. You need to move through levels in this game and the higher the level, the better the game gets. However, to get through to a higher level, you need to complete mission’s set by your side and earn reputation points.

Staying at the same level for a long time can be boring. To solve this, you can buy a character that you like at a higher level. There are many websites that sell WoW account. You can find accounts for all levels. You can also find a lot of characters ranging from humans to elves to gnomes.

You need to do some research before opting for a website that sells WoW characters. There are many and not all of them are good. You can check the testimonials on many sites and also on third party sites like Ratepoint. Sites like Ratepoint provide an unbiased view and it helps you to find the best website for you.

If you have been playing WoW for a long time and if you have got bored of it, you can actually sell your account at these sites. They rate your character on the basis of gold earned, the weapons you have etc. All in all it is an easy way for buyers as well as sellers of World of Warcraft Accounts.